The Ultimate in Young Adult Fantasy

Young adult fantasy books are the craze these days. Tweens, teens and adults love to escape to mysterious worlds with themes of magical powers, good verses evil, and colorful characters from an unseen world.

Imagine with me for a moment that you are the king of such a world…

You are the king of a vast universe and you created the entire universe to glorify you. As you gaze upon your world and all of the unique and wonderful creatures that roam in this perfect place of peace, jealousy rises up. A heavenly and very powerful being in your courts now desires to be king himself. He begins to cause division in your glorious universe. You take action by casting him out of your presence and one-third of the heavenly hosts follow, pledging their allegiance to your foe.

The castaways begin to roam your beautiful universe. In disguise, evil slowly penetrates and tempts your glorious creation. Under the influence of the castaways, your creation begins to doubt you. They lose trust, they lie, and they fall. Because of your divine perfect nature and the laws of your universe their lie requires death and separation from you.   You become invisible for the safety of your fallen creation. Your heart aches. You need a plan or your creation that you love so dearly will die and self-destruct. You love them too much to let that happen.

The only thing that will stop the eternal destruction is a blood sacrifice in a perfect bloodline. You look to your only son sitting at your right hand and ask him if he is willing to be taken by creation and die for the sake of saving it. He says yes. You orchestrate a new beginning for your only son, a birth outside of the throne room. Your son takes on creation’s form and becomes visible to them. He lives quietly for 30 years, confined to the constraints of the visible world.

At age 30, you reveal to the world that the one living among them is your son. He begins a journey of teaching, spreading hope and healing to the deteriorating nations. Your son travels to distant lands teaching about you, the king, and your love for creation. He enlists followers to abide with him and as his popularity grows, the evil powers rise once again.

Finally, the evil beings overtake your son and he submits without resistance. Your perfect, innocent son is brutally beaten and sacrificed. You watch the brutality from your throne and ache, yet you choose not to stop it. As he dies, the penalty for all creation and their wrongdoings are now paid. Your unity with creation is once again restored and death loses its power.

Here you now sit, waiting to bring your creation home to you. You long to be visible to them once again now that the debt is paid, but it is not yet time. Your son comes home and sits beside you in the throne room bearing scars, proof that creation’s debt is paid. In a matter of time, all those in your universe who choose the gift of life and accept your son’s payment will be reunited with you. You, the king, will bring them home.

Does this sound like an amazing young adult fantasy storybook line? Does it sound like science fiction? Would you like to read the full version with descriptive detail? You can. My abbreviated interpretation is taken out of a book you have access to today. It is called the Holy Bible and from Genesis to Revelation you will hear how God, the King created us, loved us, and made a way for his son Jesus to pay for the sins of the world. The Holy Bible has sold more copies than any book ever written and the content rivals the story line of any young adult fantasy book on the market. I encourage you to check it out if young adult fantasy is your thing.


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