What is God Like?

Have you ever wondered what God is really like?  What he takes pleasure in, what he hates? How big he is?  Last year I started journaling a list of characteristics of God every time I came across one in the scriptures.  I started filling up my notebook with all of the descriptions I found.  I share them with you now.  I hope you will be amazed- and even surprised- (like I was) at what I discovered.    Some of these characteristics really challenged who I thought God was, and wasn’t.  I started thinking more about his size, power and massive being.  I knew he was a “big” God, but when I started thinking about him in comparison to the universe analogies- wow, that’s so big.  I also started considering what God hates.  Yes, God does have some things he hates and absolutely will not tolerate.  I personally would like to stay away from those things now that I know them.  These were all found in Isaiah, so I encourage you to go read it and experience what God is like for yourself.  Behold what our God is like (paraphrased by Stephanie Cameron):

His Being

  • He alone is God.  There is no other, never has been and never will be.
  • He is the first and the last.
  • He works in mysterious ways.
  • He made the world to be lived in, not to be a place of empty chaos.
  • He has sworn only by his own name, speaks the truth and will never go back on his word.
  • His ways and thoughts are higher than man’s ways and thoughts.
  • His word always produces fruit when it is sent out.


His Punishment and Restoration

  • He allows and brings punishment for sin, but redeems and restores after a time.


What He Hates

  • He hates religious hypocrisy.
  • He hates the worship of other gods.
  • He hates and humbles human pride.
  • He can summon an army with a whistle, to the ends of the earth. (This is one of my personal favorites.  I had fun visualizing this a few times.)
  • He has a passionate commitment to give us Jesus Christ, whose government and peace will never end.


What He Does and Will Do

  • He ends bondage and slavery of his people.
  • He makes oaths on his plans and keeps them- nothing can stop his oaths.
  • He grants peace.
  • He gives breath to everyone who walks the earth.
  • Everything He prophesied has come true.
  • He made Israel for himself.
  • He blots out sin (get this….) for HIS OWN SAKE, never to be thought of again.
  • He made all things.  He alone stretched out the heavens.
  • He exposes false prophets as liars and makes fools out of fortunetellers.
  • He causes the wise to give bad advice, proving them to be fools.
  • He carries out the predictions of his prophets.
  • He creates light and makes the darkness.
  • He sends good times and bad times.
  • He brings sorrow on those that argue with their creator.
  • He speaks only what is true and declares only what is right.
  • He puts words in your mouth, and has hidden you safely in his hand.
  • He blesses those with humble and contrite hearts, who tremble at his word.
  • He will punish the world by fire and by his sword.
  • He will judge the earth and many will be killed by him.


What He Will Not Do

  • He will not give his glory to anyone else, nor share his praise with carved idols.
  • He does not accept the sacrifices of those that choose their own ways and delight in their sins- he will send them great trouble.


His Size

  • He has NO equal.
  • He has held oceans in his hands.
  • He has measured off heavens with his fingers.
  • He knows the exact weight of the earth.
  • He has weighed mountains and hills on a scale.
  • He has never needed advice or instruction.
  • All the nations of the world are just a drop in a bucket to him.
  • He picks up the whole earth as if it were a grain of sand.
  • Nations of the world are worth nothing to him.
  • There is nothing to compare him to.
  • He judges great people of the world and makes them nothing.
  • He blows on the powerful and they wither.
  • He created all the stars, brings them out like an army and calls them all by name- each has a name, not one is lost.
  • He sees trouble.
  • He is everlasting, never grows weak or weary, his understanding is immeasurable, he gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.
  • He created the heavens and stretched them out.
  • He created the earth and everything in it.
  • The stars are at his command.
  • His hand laid the foundation of the earth, his right hand spread out the heavens alone.
  • When he calls out the stars, they all appear in order.
  • He stirs up the waves of the sea, causing it to roar.


Where He Lives

  • He sits above the circle of the earth, people below seem like grasshoppers.
  • He spreads out the heavens like a curtain and makes his tent from them.
  • Heaven is his throne.
  • The earth is his footstool


Stephanie Cameron is author of the children’s book Ella Mae the Courageous Cheerleader.  The book is available online at the following stores:  AmazonBarnes and NobleFamily Christian Store and Tate Publishing Bookstore

Book Description-

Ella Mae’s love for cheerleading is strong, but so are the bullies on the cheer team. Ella Mae, the Courageous Cheerleader is a children’s book written in rhyme, sharing a personal story of dealing with bullies. It teaches children how to respond to meanness with kindness, courage and confidence. Ella Mae will inspire children who are dealing with bullies at school to turn to their faith in God. By responding according to His Word, they too can receive God’s promise of blessing and the confidence that they are doing the right thing.

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